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flipMyroom is the world's first room to room exchange website making travel simple, affordable and safe. If you have a bedroom or spare room you can join flipMyroom as an easy way to travel the world, staying with other members and only paying $10 per night to cover cleaning expenses.


Join flipMyroom free, add your spare room and become a member of our sharing community. Connect with thousands of like-minded travellers around the world. Add your room details and fill in your profile. As soon as your room is accepted you can start travelling!


Search and stay in destinations you have only previously dreamt of. Travel where you want, when you want and pay just $10 per night. We aim to list over 1 million rooms in 200 countries on the world’s most sociable, ethical and flexible travel site.


Contact members using our secure messaging system to arrange room stays. You can stay in their spare room but they don't have to stay in yours. When you are ready to flip your room you pay just $10 a night to the other member per stay to cover cleaning expenses.


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Stay anywhere in the world for just $10 a night

What is flipMyroom?

flipMyroom is a social travel community of like-minded individuals who stay in each other’s spare rooms, not on their sofas, for just $10 a night. Upload your own spare room to flipMyroom and search from thousands of other spare rooms worldwide on our site. You can stay in their spare room, but they don’t have to stay in yours! We are offering free life membership to the first 1,000 people to join flipMyroom.