How it happened

One summer, John, our founder and keen traveller, heard from his friend Peter in Budapest who couldn't find anywhere to stay in London at the last minute. Naturally, John offered Peter the use of his spare room, only charging him a nominal amount to cover cleaning expenses. Peter wanted to return the favour, so Kelly, a friend of John's, ended up staying with Peter in the autumn. Soon, friends of friends were staying with each other in their spare rooms, and a small but close-knit network began. John realised that he could create the world's first global community of like-minded people who wanted to stay in each other's spare rooms for just €35 per night, making travel simple, affordable and safe. And so, flipMyroom was born.


Suite 3.3 Leisure Island
Business Centre,
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Meet the team



  • Billionaire super-boss who likes cycling up steep hills and falling off his bike
  • David Cameron once met Ryan at 10 Downing Street
  • Golf Bandit



  • Cycled Land's End to John O'Groats
  • Top chef and herbal tea addict
  • Obsessed with lists (especially shopping lists)



  • A workaholic multi-tasker
  • Polyglot who speaks Spanish, French, English and a little bit of Japanese
  • Belly-dances like Shakira, her hips don't lie


Social Media Expert

  • Self-confessed history geek and cake addict
  • Lived in France, Spain and Malta
  • Once fell flat on her face on stage as a holiday rep in France while dressed as one of the Blues Brothers


Content Writer

  • Never understands how successful businessmen can't spell
  • Once threw herself out of a plane and survived
  • Swam a mile across Lake Windermere in the Great North Swim with a hangover


Content Writer

  • Performs in a band, who once played a festival a mile out at sea
  • Has a number of famous friends, or so he says!
  • Would love to put people who ride their bikes on the pavement into Room 101


Admin Manager

  • Has an obsession with spread sheets and a folder for everything
  • Partied the night away with Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy
  • Can count to 10 in 4 languages


Content Writer

  • Trained as a professional ballet dancer in France
  • Shared a boat with Placido Domingo who sang to her
  • Has a 60kg dog that believes he's a cat and tries to walk along the back of the sofa


Content Writer

  • Mildly obsessive about vegan recipes
  • Has visited the embalmed corpses of Lenin and Ho Chi Minh - Mao is next!
  • Presents a fortnightly house music radio show


Web Designer

  • Self-confessed tech-savvy Geek
  • Extreme mountain biker
  • Lover of classic, one-off cars


Graphic Designer

  • Travels everywhere with her camera
  • Describes herself as a 'female Indiana Jones' - loves adventure
  • Fluent in 'Spanglish'


Graphic Designer

  • Creative genius behind the flipMyroom website
  • Loves chinchillas
  • Can often be found playing with drones


Project Manager

  • Our all round technical hero
  • Once programmed a Psion Organiser to play a game based on the film 'Dune'
  • Loves the great outdoors


SEO Expert

  • Self-proclaimed SEO guru extraordinaire
  • Kite Surfed in Venezuela in 2015 and survived
  • Star Citizen at Roberts Space Industries



  • OCD cleaner- be warned, she has a duster
  • Avid walker, often found trekking up hills in walking boots
  • Loves to read and travel

Stay anywhere in the world for just €35 a night

What is flipMyroom?

flipMyroom is a social travel community of like-minded individuals who stay in each other’s spare rooms, not on their sofas, for just €35 a night. Upload your own spare room to flipMyroom and search from thousands of other spare rooms worldwide on our site. You can stay in their spare room, but they don’t have to stay in yours! We are offering free life membership to the first 1,000 people to join flipMyroom.