The top 5 croissants in Paris


If you thought that eating a croissant was just like ‘eating a croissant’ you have obviously not sampled the delicious, buttery treats on offer in Paris.


Du Pain et Des Idees

Located inside a beautiful, ornate shops dating back to 1870, Du Pain et Des Idees will transport you back to the days of horses and carriages around the streets of Paris. If you like your croissants crunch, this is the place to come. The outside is chestnut brown and the inside is tightly packed with layers of doughy flavours. If you want to try ‘something different’ try the fresh fig tarts or the delicious chocolate escargot which is very much a ‘signature-pastry’ for this stunning boulangerie.


Pain Pain

Located on the corner of Rue des Martyrs, Pain Pain (not as in ‘ouch ouch’), is a king among Paris boulangeries. Bright, bold and modern, with marble counters showcasing crescent-shaped croissants, macaroons and petit fours, Pain Pain is a must-visit for any sweet-toothed traveller in Paris. The croissants are sturdy, buttery and well-made with layers you can easily pull apart (resulting in less crumbs down your shirt).


Tout Autour du Pain

The elegant Tout Autour du Pain looks every inch the classic Parisian boulangerie. Their prize-winning croissants are golden in colour with a delicate yet deep flavour. The exquisite taste is down to the high quality of the butter used in making the croissants, which are perfect if you are looking for a more substantial treat!


Le Grenier a Pain

As soon as you approach Le Grenier a Pain, you will see exactly why its croissants are such a hit! Window stickers declaring ‘Best Croissant in Paris’ for various years over the past decade line the window of this traditional boulangerie. Visitors and locals flock here to sample the famous Grenier croissant. Light gold on the outside with a stunning balance of crunch and chew, the creamy interior of the croissant is quite unique compared to its buttery competitors. The texture is light and the flavour is exquisitely intense.


Ble Sucre

Situated in a quiet square on rue Antoine Vollon, Ble Sucre is a quiet spot away from the Bastille crowds. But don’t be fooled by the exterior. This boulangerie has a big, big heart and delivers probably the best croissant in Paris. Quite large with a shiny maple exterior, the croissant boasts mouth-watering honeycomb pastry inside and a delicious caramelized exterior.

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