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Berlin Style Guide – cool places to shop

Berlin offers a wide choice of cool places to shop for the latest fashions, crafts and art in the city centre. The best way to explore Berlin’s shopping districts is just to start walking. You will find some of the quirkiest boutiques in the least expected places. Voo, the Kreuzberg fashionista is almost hidden in […]

2 mins 28 secs read

5 Awesome Places to Spend Easter in Europe

Are you looking for an awesome place to spend your Easter break in Europe? Somewhere that won’t cost a fortune, leaving you plenty of money to spend on the things that matter? Our top 5 awesome places to spend Easter include: Seville, Spain Religious or not, the Easter processions in Seville should be on everyone’s […]

3 mins 51 secs read

5 Little known treasures in Barcelona

   One of the most visited cities in Europe, Barcelona is famous for its stunning architecture, award winning attractions and vibrant nightlife, but here we look at some of the city’s little known treasures.

2 mins 27 secs read