5 must-visit coffee shops from coffee-snobs in Berlin


Are you a self-proclaimed coffee snob in Berlin? Are you looking for some cool coffee shops in around the city, recommended by like-minded caffeine junkies?

If you know your Espressos from your Ristrettos and your Mochas from your Affogatos, you are well on the way to joining the ‘coffee-snob’ league.

Five of the best coffee shops in Berlin, recommended by coffee snobs include:

Tres Cabezas

This small but perfectly formed café offers a wide and diverse variety of beans to indulge even the most discerning coffee snob. With friendly staff and an atmosphere so laid back it is almost horizontal, Tres Cabezas roast their beans in small batches five times a week to ensure the freshest of flavours and aromas. Tres Cabezas also opened another location in Mitte called 19 grams – both are worth a try if you are looking for a top-notch caffeine hit.


Ben Rahim

A real hidden gem of a café, Ben Rahim is tucked away among the main tourist hub in Hackesche Hofe, Mitte. Take your time to sample the speciality coffees in Ben Rahim which is the first third wave coffee shop in town with an Arabian twist. Combining Arabian hospitality with unique coffees and teas, this lively café offers a warm welcome and outstanding taste and quality.


Bonanza Café

King of the Berlin coffee scene, the Bonanza Café has been operating since 2007 and supplies many of the city’s cafes with the highest quality beans. The roasting business was moved to a back yard in Kreuzberg and a stunning café was added. Bonanza combines the best old style techniques with modern production methods to produce top notch beans. The spacious and elegant café is clad in oak wood with mirrors and also offers a delicious range of home- made pastries.


Concierge Coffee

A small café with a big heart, Concierge Coffee is situated in a 15m2 hut beside the canal in Kreuzberg. Describing itself as a boutique espresso bar, Concierge also offers mouth-watering cakes and pizzas if you are feeling peckish. The service is friendly in a ‘cool barista’ type of a way, and any applications for jobs sent on Facebook are ‘gladly and utterly’ disregarded!


No Fire No Glory

Situated in Prenzlauer Berg, No Fire No Glory offers an unforgettable coffee experience in Berlin with informed baristas and a menu of current filter coffees at the brew bar. If you are a first-time at this ‘too cool for school’ coffee bar, take your time to look at the blend descriptions in front of the grinders before ordering. No Fire No Glory only uses certified organic milk from Brodowin which is delivered daily!


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