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The Top 10 Music Festivals in the UK

Accommodation is once again in high demand for the thousands of music fans who will flock to the UK’s summer festivals in 2017. Room stay accommodation in Glastonbury, Leeds and Reading is becoming more popular than camping, glamping or couch-surfing as hordes of festival goers descend on the towns each summer. The top 10 Music […]

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Worldwide room stay accommodation for €35 a night

If you want to stay anywhere in the world for €35 a night, why not sign up free to flipMyroom and enjoy room stay accommodation for one price? How it Works flipMyroom is the world’s first room platform where all rooms are one price making travel simple, affordable and safe. You can join flipMyroom free, […]

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The top 5 croissants in Paris

If you thought that eating a croissant was just like ‘eating a croissant’ you have obviously not sampled the delicious, buttery treats on offer in Paris. Du Pain et Des Idees Located inside a beautiful, ornate shops dating back to 1870, Du Pain et Des Idees will transport you back to the days of horses […]

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Hipster Guide to Paris

‘Cool Paris’ is very much in ‘hipster vogue’ right now and from the Marais to the 11th arrondissement on the right bank, young and edgy would best describe the urban vibe. Districts including the Bastille and Oberkampf are full of expats and young Parisians who come to eat, drink and party. Don’t expect red carpets. […]

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Where to stay in Paris (a must-have neighbourhood guide)

Whether you are planning a trip to Paris to take in the major sites, shop until you drop or marvel at the magnificent architecture, this must-have neighbourhood guide includes some of the best places to stay in France’s colourful capital. Choose carefully where to stay depending on your requirements or spend a few days in […]

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Berlin Style Guide – cool places to shop

Berlin offers a wide choice of cool places to shop for the latest fashions, crafts and art in the city centre. The best way to explore Berlin’s shopping districts is just to start walking. You will find some of the quirkiest boutiques in the least expected places. Voo, the Kreuzberg fashionista is almost hidden in […]

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5 Awesome Places to Spend Easter in Europe

Are you looking for an awesome place to spend your Easter break in Europe? Somewhere that won’t cost a fortune, leaving you plenty of money to spend on the things that matter? Our top 5 awesome places to spend Easter include: Seville, Spain Religious or not, the Easter processions in Seville should be on everyone’s […]

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5 must-visit coffee shops from coffee-snobs in Berlin

Are you a self-proclaimed coffee snob in Berlin? Are you looking for some cool coffee shops in around the city, recommended by like-minded caffeine junkies? If you know your Espressos from your Ristrettos and your Mochas from your Affogatos, you are well on the way to joining the ‘coffee-snob’ league. Five of the best coffee […]

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St Patrick’s Day in Dublin

When Irish eyes are smiling and the ‘black stuff’ is flowing on St. Patrick’s Day there is no better place to be than Dublin. 17 March commemorates the day St. Patrick died. A Roman boy enslaved by the Irish, Patrick helped to bring Christianity to Ireland in the fifth century. Patrick was said to have used […]

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10 great places to eat in Berlin

Berlin may not be best known for its cuisine, but this vibrant capital city really is a foodie’s paradise. From traditional hearty German fayre to exciting international dishes, you will enjoy a diverse food scene in Berlin. Ten of the best cafes and restaurants to try in Berlin include: Asian fusion at Monsieur Vuong This is […]

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